Books Weekly (Ant's Conversation Exchange)
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(absolutely no connection with the "church" of Scientology)

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Filling in the form below subscribes you to a list where you will be sent weekly part of a Scientology book, writing or lecture. You will be able to comment on it and most comments (all the clean ones) will be sent to you. These comments may include matters concerning Scientology as a whole and you are welcome to send in questions concerning Scientology, its history and its application. So in that sense it has become a communication exchange a bit like an old-fashioned telephone exchange. To that end we have a few people regularly sending in "Scientology titbits".

You can join the list by filling in the form here.   An email will be sent to you which you have to respond to before you come on the list and it may be placed in your SPAM or Phish boxes. So check your spam and Phish box if you do not receive anything. The purpose of this mechanism is to prevent some friend or enemy of yours from signing you up with something you do not want it. If you do want to come on, check your spam and Phish boxes.

You can see recent emails on this Books Weekly group at the following link:

I/we have nothing to do with the Church of Scientology – the founder of this list and present editor, Antony Phillips, was thrown out of that body in March 1983. He has his own home page where you can get some idea of his views at: .

At the moment what we are engaged in is not a book (yet, anyway). It is an account by Dennis Stephens of his finding out about and getting sent Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health when it first came out and his following engagement with Scientology in England including meeting Ron Hubbard. He was possibly the first person to receive the book in England. You get an account of early Scientology/Dianetics from someone who was there at the time and for many years afterwards.

Members of the group can certainly make comments and ask questions about other things concerning Scientology, its practice, history and technology. The group is a conversation exchange – a basic principle involved is that positive communication is a Good Thing.

Antony Phillips (resident in Danmark)
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