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Filling in the form below subscribes you to a list where you will be sent weekly part of a Scientology book, writing or lecture. You will be able to comment on it and comments will be sent to you if you join the ACE chatline mentioned below. These comments may include matters concerning Scientology as a whole and you are welcome to send in questions concerning Scientology, its history and its application. So in that sense it has become a communication exchange a bit like an old-fashioned telephone exchange. 

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I/we have nothing to do with the Church of Scientology – the founder of this list and present editor, Antony Phillips, was thrown out of that body in March 1983. He has his own home page where you can get some idea of his views at: .

At the moment on Saturdays we look at a Scientology book: How to Choose Your People. This was published by Ruth Minshull in 1972. It is a description of the Scientology tone scale. While Ron Hubbard's large book Science of Survival describes the Scientology tone scale "vertically" (in the way the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation is laid out) Ruth Mitchell in her popular little book describes it taking a level at a time ("horizontally"). We will be publishing it in chapters so broadly speaking we will take a tone level at a time (every Saturday). It originally was given Scientology's "Issue Authority" but the story (rumour) goes that Ruth Mitchell's books sold very well, which annoyed L. Ron Hubbard and issue authority on all her books was summarily cancelled.

On the first Wednesday of each month we issue "Clearbird Column" by Rolf Dane, the author of Clearbird. On the other Wednesdays there's the possibility of other items appearing.

On Saturdays on or about about 1 June we will be starting another Scientology book published in 1987 in FriScientology (that is to say out of the control of the Church of Scientology) by Erik Townsend entitled Neither Foes nor Loving Friend. It is an explanation of the implications of Scientology's SP and PTS ideas including ways of handling when problems crop up. As usual we will publish a chapter a week and encourage people to comment in question using the ACE facility (see below).

We are in the process of issuing on Wednesdays seven short items (originally envisaged as a sort of correspondence course) describing and illustrating in simple terms the principle of small groups (one from a Scientology org and two developed in the Scientology field, in the late 1970s), which L Ron Hubbard talked about in Scientologeese (i.e. difficult to understand) in his Policy Letter "Why Org Stay Small".

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Books Weekly members are invited to contribute, ask questions, answer them, or make other contributions through the list To get on this ACE chatline; after you have filled in and sent the form below you should also send (from the same address) an email to the following address: .

The subject and the message is irrelevant so just send a blank email to that address.

Antony Phillips (resident in Denmark now a Danish citizen)

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